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RK-1 Plus Genou ZAMST

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Running special: prevention of wiper syndrome (TFL)


By re-aligning the leg with its spiral strap, the RK-1 limits the friction of the iliotibial band on the outer side of the knee, thus relieving pain.


Limits movements that increase strain on the knee while running

With the anchor pad below the knee and the strap pulling the knee upward, the internal rotation (inward twist) of the leg is limited, which is likely to put stress on the knee while running. .


Innovative, ultra-light and comfortable textile

The RK-1 benefits from an innovative, ultra-light and extremely comfortable textile design. Adjustable compression, breathable materials. She is completely forgotten, only the pleasure of running remains.


Three-dimensional cutout to adapt to the movement of runners

Unique three-dimensional fit (patented) that adapts to the movement of runners.


Stability and horizontal balance

With a specially designed "active resin backing" (patented in Japan) that helps reduce lateral movement and smoothly flex and stretch the knee, it reduces stress on the knee.



Fiber: Nylon, Polyester

Non-fiber: Chloroprene, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyethylene

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