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PRO Compression Shorts HERZOG

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Hamstring and groin injuries are unfortunately all too familiar to many athletes. Thanks to the perfect fit and medical compression helps the Herzog PRO Sports Compression Shorts to groin injuries and injuries to the femur.

Hamstring and groin injuries occur by bright starters, sprinting, abruptly slowing down, fast turn times. At football and hockey are groin injuries even in the top 3 of the most common injuries. With the sports Compression Shorts from Herzog Medical there is finally a solution! This compression pants is in treatment and preventive usable in various injuries to the femur and the groin.



Dosed by the compression of the Herzog PRO Sports Compression Shorts on the upper leg muscle mass remains compact. Tensile forces on tendons and attachments by bright starters, sprinting and quickly turn are greatly reduced. The risk of injuries is reduced. Also shake and shock load forces have much less effect on the relatively heavy thigh muscles, thus reducing the chance of muscle damage is considerably smaller. The risk of groin injuries are submitted by the back pressure in the groin region greatly reduced.

The fit of the Herzog PRO Sports Compression Shorts is thanks to three fitting points to exactly match the leg contour of the athlete. This optimal fit is important for the right amount of compression and compression gradient. A decreasing pressure by 20mmHg above the knee to 13mmHg under the buttock allows for faster reverse flow of the blood with waste. Athletes experienced less tired legs and have less suffered from cramp.


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  • Effectief bij hamstring- en liesblessures
  • Relatief hoge compressie
  • Optimale ondersteuning
  • Gebreid met hoogwaardige microvezels

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Cet article n'a pas de description