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  • White 001
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Wide, lightweight headband offering optimal ventilation and sweat evacuation in hot conditions

When it comes to sport, headwear is like shoes and t-shirts: you can never have too many options. This classy black running headband hides carefully thought-out properties in a small, lightweight package to make sure you stay cool and clear-headed in all situations. The stretchy, seamless fabric is designed for ultra-effective thermoregulation and comfort during training and racing. The on/off technology offers all-round ventilation for rapid evacuation of perspiration. It dries up to 7 times faster than traditional headbands to ensure your head remains fresh in hot conditions. The ultra-soft fibres fit the contours of your head and ears without creating uncomfortable pressure points, keeping eyes and forehead free of sweat and unruly hair. It can be worn as is for a stylish look or under a helmet, a headtorch or a hood for discreet sweat evacuation. If you look closely, you will notice the ventilation holes even spell the brand name for a special touch.


Product net weight: 22.00 g

Compositions: 92% PA, 8% EA



The On/Off interactive fibre breathes with you and adjusts your ventilation according to the intensity of your workout.



For optimum comfort, the microfibre is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft.



Its unique weaving favors the circulation of the air and allows a perfect balance between the outside and the interior. Thus the body remains at the same temperature without rising or falling sudden. A real protection in winter against cold and during the hot temperatures it is forgotten…



Does not retain water and remains featherlight in all conditions.


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