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Posture 2.0 BlackRoll

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Trakks BlackRoll Posture 2.0 Accessories Equipement Fitness
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Easy to use

Comfortable to wear under or over the clothing

Improves body awareness

Available in two sizes



The BLACKROLL® posture trainer – designed by SWEDISH posture – is an easy-to-use and simultaneously very effective tool for improving your posture every day, during sports, or at work. The BLACKROLL® POSTURE can be worn discreetly on the body using Velcro or attached over the clothing, and is easy to adapt to any size. Even on first use, the POSTURE significantly improves body awareness. The back trainer automatically brings the upper body into a straight posture, extending the chest muscles. Positive side effect: Oxygen uptake is increased with the posture trainer, supplying the muscles with more energy. Your breathing also becomes deeper and more efficient.




The BLACKROLL® POSTURE can easily be worn under or over your clothing, for example at the office in front of the computer or even during your workout. For martial artists, the BLACKROLL® POSTURE is the perfect training tool:


Simply put it on during training and practice your strikes in interplay with hip rotation. Proper posture helps train correct movement!

BLACKROLL® POSTURE for sizes XS to L (102 g)

BLACKROLL® POSTURE XXL for size XL and up (120 g)

12,5 cm x 4 cm x 18 cm


71% cotton, 25% nylon, and 4% spandex

For me, the BLACKROLL® products are the best invention in the last twenty years when it comes to prevention and rehabilitation. For so little money, you get the perfect, very stable, versatile piece of training equipment for working on the fascia. (Markus Rossmann, Rolfer, sports instructor, fascia expert)  


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