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Compression Ankle Sock HERZOG

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The PRO Compression Ankle Socks support the arch of the foot and reduce irritation of the plantar fascia. Wearing Herzog Compression Ankle Socks prevent injuries to the heel and reduces fluid accumulation.

39% Polyamide, 24% Polyamid XtraDry, 27% Elastane en 10% Polyester


Innovative product by Herzog Medical

  • Extra compression on the arch
  • Remedial support of the arch
  • Against fluid retention


Compression on the arch of the foot

The ankle sock offers a solid compression on the arch of the foot and around the heel-instep line. The aponeurosis runs under the foot and connects the heel bone with the ball of the forefoot. That extra compression is of vital importance to maintain the natural curvature of the sole of the foot and to relieve the plantar fascia in order to assure the arch to sag less. Stretched ligaments and weak muscles are now correctively supported. This offers an important contribution regarding the prevention of irritation of the plantar fascia and it keeps the arch strained.


 Swollen feet

enkel-2Many walkers and sometimes runners to a lesser extent are familiar with the swollen foot phenomenon during and after a brisk walk or run. Your feet start to feel painful and continuing your walk or run is sometimes seriously obstructed. Until now there was no solid cure for this phenomenon besides putting your legs up high after exercise or during breaks.


Causes and how to prevent it

The cause of this inconvenience lies mainly in the binding of moisture with protein rich degradation products, which are released during exercise. These fluids (edema) are unable to be drained fast enough during exercise through the venous system from your feet and ankles. A contribution to fastening the drainage can be delivered by increased compression from outside sources. A technique that Herzog already developed in late 20th century and perfected this method ever since.


Extra compression on the arch and ankle region descending to the lower calf assures that:


A. Fluids with waste slags from the combustion process will be drained faster

B. Fewer edema forming can occur in the foot.


 Combination of the ankle sock in combination with the PRO tube

enkel-3Because of the aforementioned advantages, the new ankle sock offers an excellent combination to wear simultaneously with the tube (footless sock). The expelled edema from the foot seamlessly continues to be drained towards the upper leg & heart by the pressure offered by the tube on the lower leg. The compression of the ankle sock expires quickly from the arch towards the edge of the sock which assures no danger regarding sudden increased pressure around the bottom of the tube. The combination ankle sock – tube can therefore be worn for quite some time after exercise for the purpose of recuperation.


Properties mentioned above can be combined with:


Good padding and therefore pressure distribution on the ankles and Achilles tendon

Good shock absorbing thicker sole

Yarn provided with silver ions so that there is less occurrence of perspiration odor

Coolmax fibers that drain fluids towards the outside part of the sock (better evaporation)

Ergonomic shape adjustment on the left- and right foot

Herzog’s new and innovative ankle-compression sock is not only useful to wear for runners, but also for many athletes who participate in many other sports.

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