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Nutrition Bar with Fair Trade Cacao - Hazelnuts - Vanilla (3 x 25 g) BAOUW

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Ah, chocolate! The intensity of the cocoa and the sweetness of the vanilla, "a perfect balance", as our Baouwers often testify. No sweet taste that makes you thirsty.


New! The artisanal oil house Chris and Olive entrusted its treasures to our chef, two Michelin stars, who took the opportunity to incorporate olive oil into our fruity bars. The result ? A softer Cocoa-Hazelnut-Vanilla and even richer in antioxidants. A real natural health concentrate.


New recipe for the 2020 collection, even more delicious.


An organic bar, with simple, healthy and natural ingredients. Gluten-free, vegan, no added sugars (just natural sugar from our organic fruits!), Moderate glycemic index, for progressive energy without slack and great digestion comfort. A compact format easy to take in hand and to put in pocket.


Tested and approved by Baouw athletes!


Simplicity, naturalness, efficiency: dates *, toasted hazelnuts * 11%, fair lean cocoa * 6.5%, sunflower protein *, olive oil *, locust bean *, acacia fiber *, cocoa beans * 3, 5%, vanilla extract * 0.8%.


* Ingredients from organic farming


Our ingredients are vegan and gluten free. However traces of gluten linked to production are possible. Contains naturally occurring sugars.


This item has no description
This item has no description