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Socks for Recovery CEP

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Meet the socks that combine two particularly innovative technologies to ensure you recover faster than ever. CEP’s Recovery Socks for Men incorporate SMART INFRARED and extremely effective compression that work seamlessly together to improve blood circulation returning oxygen supply to the muscles. These socks integrate yarns with bioactive minerals using your body’s heat to stimulate the regeneration process.  You can expect to shine with maximum performance again in no time.


  • SMART INFRARED and compression technology work together to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles
  • High-tech synthetic fibers reduce moisture and odor
  • Flawless fit for an unmistakable feel-good factor in everyday life between performances
  • Anatomical footbed and padded cushioning for an enjoyable all-day wear
  • Supremely smooth yet durable
  • Precise compression promises the exceptional pressure development for the preparation and regeneration of the muscles
  • Compression Level: 20-30 mmHg

85 % polyamide, 15 % spandex

  • medi compression and SMART INFRARED technology work perfectly together to improve blood circulation in microvessels and oxygen supply to muscles
  • medi compression offers the ideal compression profile for muscle preparation and recovery

Perfect fit for unmatched comfort throughout the day in between high-performance activities

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