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Pâtes à la Carbonara MX3 Aventure

MX3 Aventure Belgique - Logo
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This meal to rehydrate is prepared by the brand Adventure Food, which also makes breakfasts and meals with 600 Kcal per serving. 
This recipe of Pasta Carbonara with ham and cheese is the ideal source of energy when hiking, cycling or even kayaking. 
This is a weight and space gain in your backpack thanks to its compact format. 

- Exists also in double-servings for two persons 
- Water line in the pouch, you do not have to take your measuring jug 
- Can be preserved 4 years after production in a cool and dry place, ideal to store


Pasta 57% (wheat, egg, salt), cheese 11% (whey powder, cheese powder, palm oil, salt, glucose syrup), ham 7% (pork, wheat starch, salt, smoke extract, acidulant (rosemary extract, lemon acid), preservative (E250), milk powder, coconut oil, palm oil, potato starch, bell pepper 4%, leek 2%, onion, salt, pepper.

How to prepare

"1. Open pouch at tear notch. Unfold bottom. Remove oxygen absorber.

Net weight (g)


Gross weight (g)


Number of serves


Volume of water to add (ml)


Rehydrated weight (g)


Preparation time

8 minutes

Shelf life (from manufacturing date)

4 years


Contains gluten, egg, milk. May contain traces of: peanuts, nuts


Nutritionnal analysis

Food composition For 100 gr For product

Energy value Kcal 420 600

Energy value Kj 1760 2512

Proteins g 13.6 19.3

Carbohydrates g 55.3 78.5

Lipids (fats) g 15.4 21.9


This item has no description
This item has no description